Friday, 3 September 2010


I'd never heard of Brisket until a show called Man V. Food and it seem our American cousins eat tons of the stuff in sandwiches.

Brisket is meat taken from the chest of a cow, it's quite a tough meet so it has to be cooked for 3+ hours, but the cut is so cheap!

I googled Brisket after buying a joint from a butchers and found one of Jamie Oliver’s website so I’m cooking that today....

Brisket of Beef with Delicious Gravy


Boneless rolled beef brisket

Beef stock (2pt)

10 Carrots (or normal carrots cut into 1cm chunks)

10 or so shallots (or 2 coarsely chopped onions)


Tsp Mixed herbs

3 Cloves Garlic

Tbsp Corn flour


Preferably use a casserole dish that you can use on top of the stove to make it easy for you to make the gravy

1) Peel and smash your garlic

2) Top, tail and peel shallots

3) Make a pint of beef stock

4) Chuck your garlic, carrots, shallots and beef into a casserole dish

5) Pour in 1 pint of beef stock, mixed herbs & pepper (and wine, if applicable)

6) Stick the lid on and sit in the oven on about 160 for anything up to 3 hours (just keep checking it, but it's not the end of the world if it's a bit pink in the middle)

7) When you feel the beef is done, take it out and stick it on a chopping board for carving

8) Scoop out those gorgeous tender vegetables, and put them in a pan with the lid on to keep warm

9) Onto the gravy - mix the corn flour with a splash of water to make a paste (this is important, otherwise you will end up with lumps of corn flour.

10) Add to casserole dish and top up with as much beef stock as you need to make your gravy, although you can always freeze some to add to casseroles or just to use in the future

(nb: if you don't have a casserole you can use on top of the stove, pour the juices from the casserole into a medium sized saucepan and use this)

11) Simmer this (it should be bubbling but not boiling) on the hob until it thickens, you can always add more corn flour or some gravy granules if it isn't thickening after a few minutes.

12) While the gravy is going, slice up the beef by sticking a fork in it and slicing thinly as possible (leave the string on and just take it out as you go, otherwise it will be quite difficult)

13) Half of this will make a meal in itself with your choice of potatoes for 2... If you've got more people, I’d do some extra vegetables... cabbage, peas, carrots whatever!!


I would cook the dish for 4 hours not 3 as the meat wasn't tender enough and use a very more veg as it was lacking somewhat. But saying this Brisket is a tasty cut at half the price of most others and easy to do. :)

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